Menu of the Week

Saint Michael’s Farmers Market Dates for 2017

May 20, June 10, June 24, July 15, August 12, September 9

June 26, 2017

Orders require 24 hours notice; prices, available sizes and pick up times listed at our online ordering site.

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Salad: Carrot & Chickpea – A light, protein-packed summer salad with a smoky, lemon-garlic-almond dressing. GF, V, DF

Soup: Thai Coconut Chicken – Sweet, sour, salty & hot! Straw mushrooms, chicken breast, garlic, ginger, lemongrass and chiles combine for the lightest of soups. GF, W30, DF

Pot Pie: each full-size pie serves 4-6
Home Sweet Home – our standard, best-seller, creamy white meat chicken with peas in gravy like Grandma made.

Entree: Garlic Chicken with Couscous – Delicious in it’s simplicity, this entree feels light without sacrificing flavor. Chicken pieces sautéed in an onion-garlic-wine sauce, then served over perfect couscous. DF

Quiche:  Tomato Basil – caprese salad is the best in the summer and this egg pie mimics those flavors with fresh tomatoes and basil and creamy fresh mozzarella. V

Dessert:  Blueberry Crumble Pie – somewhere out there is a pint of vanilla ice cream that is dying to be the topping for this summer treat of sweet blueberries and oats crumble.

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