Sweet & Savory Pies and more

When did you last have a savory pot pie that made you feel so loved, like when Grandma put a hot dinner on the table and told you to drink your milk because it was good for your bones?

Our pot pies will elevate you to a new level of comfort food. Each flaky crust is hand mixed, rolled and crimped, filled with homey but unique goodness, the baked to golden brown perfection. Nothing makes you feel loved like a Butterfield Gourmet pie!

We also specialize in unique and savory quiche (egg pie) and sweet dessert pies ranging from creamy chocolate to sweet and/or tart fruit.

We are located at 9800 Preston Road, Dallas, Texas 75230. Orders require 24 hours notice and pick-up is available within set hours, which vary. Join our email list (use the Subscribe tab above) to have our weekly offerings delivered directly to your inbox.